On the Issues

Leading the fight for our families and small businesses.

Protecting & Creating the Jobs We Need.

What does it mean to be a small business owner today? It means hard work. It means navigating complicated red tape. It means making tough decisions to meet payroll and keep the doors open and the lights on.

It means fighting for the American Dream.

As a small business owner, Theresa Gavarone understands firsthand the challenges and triumphs of running a business and creating jobs.

Theresa is leading the way to make it easier for Ohio’s small businesses to operate. From successfully fighting to prevent frivolous lawsuits to minimizing the impact of state regulations on job creators, Theresa has the back of small business owners.

Theresa Gavarone has consistently fought for Ohio’s small businesses and taxpayers, earning her the previous endorsements of:

  • Ohio Chamber of Commerce
  • NFIB
  • Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce

Theresa supported legislation to eliminate government mandates, cut unnecessary costs and co-sponsored legislation to create the permanent tax holiday in August for school supplies and clothing.

Theresa will continue fighting to protect and create the jobs northern Ohioans need.

Preserving Lake Erie

Theresa represents the longest stretch of Lake Erie coast of any member in the General Assembly, so it is no surprise how important water quality is to her constituents. Theresa is strongly advocating for legislation to increase funding and protect the health of Ohio’s greatest natural resource.

The State Operating Budget that she supported earlier this year included nearly $175 million in funding over the next two years for the H2Ohio program. This program will improve water quality in Lake Erie and other waterways across the state.

Theresa has taken a leading role in fighting for increased funding by sponsoring bipartisan legislation to provide $1 billion over the next decade for water quality improvement projects. These projects will ensure the health of Lake Erie for generations to come.

Protecting Our Most Vulnerable

As an attorney, Theresa spent much of her time helping people. She took that experience with her to the legislature and used it to pass numerous pieces of legislation to make a strong difference in our communities, such as:

  • Communication Disability Law (HB 115)
  • Child Support Reform (HB 366)
  • Helping victims of human trafficking rebuild their lives (HB 56)
  • Increasing penalties for drug dealers who target people seeking addiction treatment (SB 55)
  • Increasing access to mental healthcare treatment for those suffering from severe mental illnesses (SB 58)
  • The ‘School Bus Safety Act’ keeps children safer when getting on and off school buses (SB 134)

You can count on Theresa continuing to advocate for those who are most at risk.

Supporting Ohio’s Farmers

Theresa represents a district that relies heavily on agriculture. She knows how difficult is for farmers to make a decent living and that is why she supported a change in the CAUV to give them property tax relief.

She has also sought the opinions of farmers as we work to improve water quality across the state. The knowledge she gained from conversations with farmers led her to co-sponsor Senate Bill 2, legislation to establish a statewide watershed planning and management program.

Her awareness and dedication to working with farmers earned her the “Friend of Agriculture” Award by the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Improving Election and Voter Security

A hot topic over the past few years has been election security. The issue is so important to Theresa that the first bill she sponsored in the Senate (SB 52) established the Ohio Cyber Reserve to better protect Ohio’s governments, businesses, election systems or citizens from hackers.

The legislation also created stronger auditing requirements to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our elections and give you increased confidence when submitting a ballot. Theresa also introduced SB 191 to modernize and streamline the process to access a vote-by-mail ballot.

Theresa is committed to protecting Ohio’s elections and making voting even more convenient and secure for voters.